Poughkeepsie Nurse Manager Wins 2nd Quarter HRHCare Planetree Innovation Award

vwPoughkeepsie, NY – HRHCare Community Health is pleased to announce that Vera Wisniewski, LPN, Nurse Manager at the HRHCare Family Partnership Health Center at Poughkeepsie, will be presented with the 2nd Quarter 2016 Planetree Spirit Award for Innovation in Patient Care. This award is presented by the HRHCare Planetree Institute to exemplary employees who find new ways to advocate for patients and create innovative ways for them to access high quality and affordable health care.

Vera Wisniewski has been a member of the HRHCare family since she first came to the Health Center in 1991 for a field placement in migrant health. With a vast amount of experience in the health care field, she has served as an inspiration not only to HRHCare employees but to others in the building where the HRHCare Family Partnership Health Center at Poughkeepsie is located. In collaboration with Family Services Inc., Vera recently brought to fruition the long discussed idea of having a common lounge in the Family Partnership Center where staff from the various organizations within the building could come to relax, have lunch, and meet each other. After a disused space on the lower level of the building was identified and cleaned up, the floors were waxed and a microwave brought in to go along with the already present sink to form a mini-kitchen. Vera soon secured a couch and table and, with the help of other HRHCare staff, made the room ready to open. A keypad was also installed to make the room more secure for those looking to use it.

“I appreciate Vera leading the way on this initiative that will benefit everybody working here at the Family Partnership Center,” said Brian Doyle, CEO of Family Services, Inc. “I think this is a terrific opportunity.”

When asked about why she is passionate about the work of HRHCare, Vera responded, “I am so proud of our very high standards of care and our mission to improve the health of the community. Our staff members do whatever they can to meet the needs of our patients” When not serving patients, Vera enjoys gardening, writing, listening to music and practicing meditation. She is an active volunteer for causes such as adult literacy, farm animal sanctuary, community supported agriculture, and political campaigns.

Planetree is the global leader in advancing patient-centered care solutions, integrating the technology of modern medicine with the healing dimensions of compassion, comfortable surroundings, shared knowledge and freedom to make educated choices. HRHCare has been an affiliate since 1996 and remains the only Federally Qualified Health Center to be a part of this alliance. The HRHCare Planetree Institute was established in 2012 and provides state-of-the-art training to prepare staff in delivering passionate and personalized care. The HRHCare Planetree Spirit Award honors employees who have been nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond to provide individualized patient care and enhance health care services in their respective facility.

About HRHCare

HRHCare (Hudson River HealthCare, Inc.) is a nonprofit, New York State licensed, Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Founded 40 years ago to provide care to the medically underserved population of Peekskill, New York, HRHCare is now one of the nation’s largest community health providers. From the Capitol Region to the East-end of Long Island, HRHCare’s network of 26 health centers provides affordable, accessible care to more than 135,000 patients through 500,000 visits annually. Our more than 350 primary care practitioners and 700 specialists and support staff have made HRHCare a destination for high-quality and compassionate care for all.

As HRHCare has grown it has retained its core values of community and compassion. Excelling in patient care, HRHCare provides comprehensive services to anyone who walks through our doors. HRHCare’s health centers provide primary and preventative treatment including adult and pediatric care; obstetrical and gynecological care; family planning; HIV counseling, testing, and referral; dental services; mental health counseling; nutrition counseling; podiatry; WIC services; health education; and a full complement of outreach, translation, transportation, benefits counseling and health insurance enrollment assistance.

HRHCare has a profound commitment to the communities it serves and works to improve community health through partnerships and collaborations with local community leaders, businesses, social service agencies, housing organizations, food banks, agricultural worker alliances and other local stakeholders. HRHCare believes if it wants to ensure quality care for its patients, it should ensure quality pay for its staff, which is why it provides a minimum living wage of $15 an hour for all employees.

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