Luisa Noguera-Coughlan, MD

   Internal Medicine

I care for patients at:

Yonkers - Park Care

Luisa Noguera-Coughlan, MD, is an Internal Medicine Physician at the HRHCare Park Care Health Center at Yonkers. She received her MD from the Universidad Nacional De Asuncion in Paraguay and completed her Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx. Dr. Noguera is licensed to practice medicine in the State of New York and is Board Certified through the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Why did you decide to become a Doctor?

“I had a dream to become a Doctor since my childhood because I wanted to be like my pediatrician. Later on in my life is when I decided to be one after realizing that to be a Doctor was a privilege  which requires years of continued dedication to the studies. The prospect of being a Doctor was especially interesting because I would have the unique opportunity to be with people during their most difficult times, to teach them to prevent many medical problems and  to help them. I would be honored to have this job for the rest of my life.”

Is there a stand out story you could tell us while working here at HRHCare?

“I feel like every patient has a stand out story. Everyday patients come with different problems and doubts. We have a great team which includes the front office, medical assistance, patient care partners, nurses and Doctors. There is a great communication system in place. These assets are helpful toward every patient’s needs.”

Internal Medicine
HRHCare internal medicine physicians provide excellent, comprehensive primary and preventive care to our adult patients. Our care team gets to know our patients’ individual health needs, learn about their health history, keeps track of any medications they are taking, and works with them to create a personal care plan.

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