Rye YMCA Brings Diabetes Prevention Program to HRHCare at Yonkers

085_exerzone_interactive_gamesThis week, the RYE YMCA brought their CDC-approved Diabetes Prevention Program to the HRHCare Park Care Health Center at Yonkers (2 Park Avenue). Being held for 25 weeks every Monday at 5:30 PM and Friday at 11:30 AM, this program aims to teach those at risk for type 2 diabetes how to make small, measurable changes to reduce their risk. These motivational group sessions are led by a trained Lifestyle Coach and will give participants tips on a leading a healthier life and how to increase physical activity by up to 150 minutes per week.

For more information on this Diabetes Prevention Program, contact Tanya Stack at the Rye YMCA at 914.967.6363 (ext. 206) or tanya@ryeymca.org.



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