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We would not be able to increase access to quality primary and preventive care to those in need without the loyal support of our friends and neighbors like you in the community. By investing in HRHCare, you will help advance and improve treatment, equipment, facilities, technology, as well as outreach efforts to increase access and health education and prevention programs. Gifts of every size make a difference and impact the lives of our patients and future generations.

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By investing in HRHCare, you are helping to advance our mission through improved treatment, equipment, facilities, technology, and outreach efforts to increase access to our health services and prevention programs. Gifts of all sizes make a difference and impact the lives of our patients and future generations.

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The Jeannette J. Phillips Heritage Scholarship Fund:

Named after one of our Founding Mothers, the Jeannette Phillips Heritage Scholarship Fund helps youth in our communities, as well as HRHCare employees, pursue their dreams of advancing their education in the health care field. The Scholarship Advisory Council invests time and careful consideration to determine those who are in most need of financial assistance.

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Agricultural Worker Health Care Fund

Agriculture continues to thrive as one of Long Island’s largest industries, yet agricultural workers and their families often suffer from high rates of poor nutrition, asthma, and musculoskeletal conditions due to a lack of access to primary and preventive health care.

Your donations to this fund have recently helped us purchase a mobile health center to serve patients on Long Island. Visiting farms, vineyards, community agencies, and churches across Suffolk County, this health center on wheels brings care directly to people who often go without it, due to lack of transportation, limited funds, or the inability to leave work without jeopardizing their livelihood.

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Early Cancer Detection Fund

The Early Cancer Detection Fund was founded by Paul Mazzilli and Sharon Pickett. Before beginning his summer internship at HRHCare, their son, Nick, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer during his required physical.

During his treatment, Nick asked his parents, “What do people without health insurance do when they need cancer treatment?” Sharon and Paul didn’t really know how to answer their son. They realized that those without health insurance do not always have access to the routine primary care they need, which is often when cancer is initially detected.

Sharon and Paul approached HRHCare about creating an Early Cancer Detection Fund that would support these services for those in need. Because of this fund’s support of our cancer screening services program, HRHCare has conducted thousands of cancer screenings, and has diagnosed over 200 patients with cancer.

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