HRHCare Launches New Website

HRHCare (Hudson River Health Care, Inc.) Launches New Website to Increase Access to Health Care Services


New York, July 17, 2014 – HRHCare (Hudson River Health Care, Inc.) is pleased to announce the launch of their fully-featured website,  The HRHCare website is designed to assist patients, community partners, supporters and career seekers in making well-informed decisions.

The website focuses on providing key information that is easy to understand and navigate.  “Obtaining health care is often a challenge for many people,” says Anne Kauffman Nolon, President  & CEO.  “This website makes it easy to learn how to make an appointment, who is part of your health care team, what services we offer and how we care for the whole person at HRHCare.”

The objective is to build strong partnerships with our patients so we can best meet their needs.  The website is one way we can help patients learn about how to stay connected to their health and their health care team.  Additionally, the new website is fully responsive to mobile phones and tablets, making it easy to access important information while on the go from any device.

“Kudos to HRHCare for creating an accessible website that patients and consumers can use and understand,” says Helene Eisman Fisher, Plain Language Consultant and Co-Founder, Say Ah!.  “HRHCare has gone the extra mile, adopting health literacy best practices to help improve their clients’ outcomes. We see a lot of websites in the health care sector, and they so often fall short in a hundred different ways.  HRHCare is doing it right – making it easy to use, to read and to understand.  It is quite an achievement having a health literate site – you have one of the few in the country!”


 About HRHCare

HRHCare (Hudson River HealthCare, Inc.) is a nonprofit, New York State licensed, Federally Qualified Health Center.  Founded in 1975 to provide care to the medically underserved population of Peekskill, NY, HRHCare has grown to include:

  • 27 health centers and mobile health systems delivering care throughout a 10 county region of New York to a culturally and racially diverse patient population of 115,000 with more than 400,000 patient visits annually.
  • A full range of services including family/internal medicine, women’s health care, pediatrics, dentistry, behavioral health care, optometry, podiatry and nutritional counseling.
  • An innovative organizational structure that works to improve the health of communities through a network of partnerships:  with businesses, social service organizations, housing cooperatives, food banks, farm workers alliances and community organizations.


For full information:, or 1-844-HRH-Care.


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