Executive Cabinet

Anne Kauffman Nolon, MPH

Chief Executive Officer

James D. Sinkoff, MBA, CPA

Deputy Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Allison Dubois, MPH

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

Hope Glassberg

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Government Affairs

Katherine Brieger, MA, RD, CCE

Chief of Patient Experience and Staff Development

Carmen Chinea, MD, MPH

Chief of Clinical Strategy and Development

Executive Advisory Council

Jeannette Phillips

Jeannette Phillips

Executive Vice President, Community Development

Daniel Miller, MD

Chief of Clinical Integration and Graduate Medical Education

Clifford Hames, DDS

Chief Dental Officer and Chief Infection Control Officer

Paul Kaye, MD

Executive Vice President for Practice Transformation

Mark Santiago

Chief of Patient and Community Engagement

Marcia Jacobowitz-Paz, Esq.

First Vice-Chair

John Russell, Second Vice-Chair

Norma Johnson

Third Vice-Chair

Luke Hilpert, Esq.



  • Ramona Ceballos
  • Sandra Cuellar Oxford
  • Angela Earl
  • Dolores Guardado
  • Robert Heatley
  • Margaret Smyth, O.P.
  • Charles Miller
  • Kendrick D. Harris
  • Yolanda L. Rudich
  • Francine Cournos
  • Aubrey Saunders
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