Anne Kauffman Nolon, MPH

Chief Executive Officer

The Reverend Jeannette Phillips

Executive Director, Housing Preservation Company and Executive Vice President, Community Development

James D. Sinkoff, MBA, CPA

Deputy Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Allison Dubois, MPH

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

Kenneth Desa, MD

Acting Chief Medical Officer

Jessica Diamond

Chief of Population Health

Diane Arneth

Chief of Community Services and Executive Director, CHASI

Evan Zuckerman

Chief Financial Officer, NYC Division

Roberta Kelly, NP

Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President, NYC Division Operations

Mark Santiago

Chief of Patient Engagement and Business Development

Chris Quinones

Chief Administrative Officer

Hope Glassberg

Chief of Strategy

Katherine Brieger, MA, RD, CCE

Executive Director, Planetree Institute and Chief of Workforce Development

Carmen Chinea, MD, MPH

Chief of Clinical Strategy and Research

Daniel Miller, MD

Chief of Residency Training and Behavioral Health Integration

Greg Gast

Chief of Human Resources

Gregory Maddalena

Acting Chief Dental Officer

Jeramie Barber

Executive Director, HRHCare Foundation and Vice President of Development

Todd Dorman

Chief of Communications

Lisa Riley

Executive Director, Office of the CEO and Board of Directors

Diana Faustino, CNM

Chief of Staff

Marcia Jacobowitz-Paz, Esq.

First Vice-Chair

John Russell, Second Vice-Chair

Norma Johnson

Third Vice-Chair

Luke Hilpert, Esq.



  • Ramona Ceballos
  • Sandra Cuellar Oxford
  • Berthilde Dufrene
  • Angela Earl
  • Dolores Guardado
  • Kendrick D. Harris
  • Robert Heatley
  • Charles Miller
  • Yolanda L. Rudich
  • Aubrey Saunders
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