Patient and Provider Stories


Patient Stories


Ruth came to HRHCare Amenia with severe health problems, including gradual loss of eyesight, that she’d been suffering from for
several months.


Esther became an HRHCare patient just last year, but has already spread the word to her friends and family about the incredible care she’s receiving.


Willie was struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. He became a patient at the Brentwood Health Center, where he got the support he needed.


Carol came to HRHCare Amenia without health insurance, and continues to be our patient because of the excellent care she receives.

Provider Stories


COVID-19 Testing at The Hub


The Elsie Owens Health Center in Coram


The Monticello Kiwanis Club provides lunch for our health center staff


The Elsie Owens Health Center in Coram

Alpha School

COVID-19 testing in partnership with UJA Federation at the Alpha School in Brooklyn


Staff at Hudson River Health Care’s Poughkeepsie location working hard to ensure patients in the community are getting the health care and support services they need and deserve.


“I arrived this morning to a blank canvas and watched as our Facilities and IT Teams built our Mobile COVID-19 Testing Site in the Alpha School in Brooklyn, arriving much earlier than their start time, saying they just wanted to set up and prepare, and with such wonderful motivation and energy. Our colleagues and managers arrived to assist throughout the day, some from far away boroughs and areas. I say often to my departmental staff how humbled I am to be able to help lead and coach a group of individuals who work each day to help others. Today, I was never more reminded of this, and how deeply grateful I am to work for an organization so committed to working tirelessly to help keep our communities healthy and safe.


“Health care is always changing, but this time it’s different. Our new approach makes real, tangible differences in so many people’s lives. To leave last night with four appointments scheduled, and to see that through our Call Center, Business Development Team, Marketing and Communications Team, and grass roots community outreach we were able to successfully screen and test 60 community members is nothing short of AMAZING!


“Kudos to all staff who were involved in today’s success. Looking forward to the remaining days to come. And a very special thanks to the clinical staff, Business Development, and Operations.”


–Philip Gray, Vice President, Business Development


HRHCare staff in Peekskill at one of Hudson River Health Care’s pop-up COVID-19 testing centers, which has allowed us to provide extended testing services to patients in the community.


Hudson River Health Care, AVP of Nursing, Deon Stewart-Miles at our second isolation hotel – HRHCare is providing support services at these isolation hotels for those recovering from COVID-19 who don’t have anywhere else to go.


HRHCare staff in Haverstraw prepare to start seeing patients at one of Hudson River Health Care’s pop-up COVID-19 testing centers. We have set up these pop-up testing sites to handle increased need for testing, while keeping our staff and the public as safe as possible.


Congressman Lee Zeldin and Mayor Jesse Warren visit Hudson River Health Care’s new COVID-19 pop-up testing site in the Village of Southampton, pictured here with HRHCare VP of Long Island Operations, Carlos Ortiz.


Dr. Carmen Chinea and her daughter, Dr. Olivia Richman, donned PPE to help out with care at one of the Times Square Isolation Hotels in New York City. These isolation hotels are providing a safe space for those recovering from COVID-19 while receiving ongoing health care and support services.


Hudson River Health Care workers at the latest pop up testing site in Southampton. This new site is the seventh testing site on Long Island and will allow HRHCare to respond to the increased community need for COVID-19 testing.

HRHCare staff on Long Island at one of our pop-up COVID-19 testing centers, which has allowed us to provide extended testing services to patients in the community.

Community Health Action of Staten Island (CHASI) partnered with the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation to donate 200 plants to the community food pantry, consisting mostly of herbs and some flowers.  The plants were distributed to the community along with pantry essentials.


“One of our patients came into the health center to have his medications refilled recently. He usually comes with his wife, but unfortunately, she was sick and couldn’t accompany him. This patient walks with a cane, has multiple health conditions, does not know how to read or write, and does not speak English.

He told all of this to our Senior Patient Representative Marie Acosta, who talked to Nurses Carol Hicks and Russa Gutman about his situation. They all went above and beyond, using the language line and helping arrange transportation. Patient Representative Juan Salazar volunteered to pick up the patient’s medication and suggested using a taxi voucher for him to return home.


Hudson River Health Care was asked by the New York City Department of Emergency Management and the mayor’s office to help in reaching out to serve, particularly the homeless recovering from COVID-19 who have no other place to go and who are often disproportionately affected when it comes to health care and social support services. Pictured here are our very own Roberta, Amanda, Marcella and Georgina, who are geared up with N95 masks to deliver care to the homeless at an Isolation hotel in Times Square. Community health care providers began referring clients in need of a place to isolate to this new hotel isolation program. Clients must be COVID positive or symptomatic and unable to isolate where they live. Isolating individuals who have tested positive is critical to stop the spread of this terrible pandemic. These are individuals who do not require advanced medical care and can isolate with basic services including onsite medical and social services, meals, laundry, phone, internet, daily check-in calls by medical staff, and transportation to and from the hotel as needed. Hudson River Health Care staff is checking in on residents, conducting vital sign checks, and providing referrals to necessary services, including on-site EMT/S services if deemed appropriate. HRHCare will also offer regular appointments via telemedicine to residents of the hotel and follow-up appointments upon discharge to connect them with our ongoing care


Live Essentials working with Caribbean Women’s Health Association, Inc. (CWHA) in Brooklyn to provide vital supplies for area moms in need of assistance.


Some of Hudson River Health Care’s staff at a new testing center in Yonkers. This center was set up in response to additional need in the area. The site will allow for expanded COVID-19 testing for Westchester residents.


Carlos Ortiz, our Suffolk County VP of Operations, remembered that nine suction units were left in our Suffolk County health centers after we assumed their operation a few years ago and offered them back to one of our hospital partners.


Senior Director of Business Development Melissa Hayes shared a story about the impact our NYC Mobile Health Center is making on residents of two facilities on Wards Island.


HRHCare Nutritionist Christina Figueroa, RD, CDN shares a story about a patient who received nutrition counseling remotely for the first time.


Hudson River Health Care facilities staff have been busily (and safely) transporting supplies throughout our network of 43 health centers. Thank you to all our staff who help ensure that our health centers have the materials they need to treat those in our communities with COVID-19.


Philip Gray, Vice President, Business Development, shared how a visit our NYC Mobile Health Center made to the Skyway Men’s Shelter in Queens impacted Mr. Freeland.
”Our first patient today was Mr. Freeland. He stated that he was happy that we were able to see him on the van today. He appreciated us coming onsite, as he felt discouragement dealing with the COVID-19 situation, and the impact it’s had on his housing search. He was very happy to speak to a doctor and receive referrals to multiple specialist appointments. 

“Thank you to our Mobile Health Center team, and to everyone in the organization. The past two weeks have felt more like two months; but adversity creates heroes!”

Pictured here: Michelle Garay, RN with our NYC Mobile Health Center


Check out our Bay Street Staten Island health center nursing staff posing in their PPE (personal protective equipment). We are so thankful for our providers, who are putting their lives at risk on a daily basis to care for the most vulnerable members of our communities.
Thanks to our dedicated nursing and support staff who have helped keep our Bay Street Health Center on Staten Island open to patients during this difficult time. Pictured here: Georgina Statuto, Ashely Awn, Ariana, Jessy Flores, Brandon Kolin, Socorro Muniz, Jackie, Jaelene, Karen Rodriguez


During times of need, Hudson River Health Care is here for our patients and staff. Pictured is VP of Long Island Operations Carlos Ortiz (L), who last week delivered much needed supplies to Marcella Fludd-Brown (R), who distributed them to our NYC Health centers. Our health centers in the region are dealing with many cases of COVID-19 and can use all the help they can get.


Account Manager Luis Pena de la Cruz shared the impact our NYC Mobile Health Center made on residents of Anchor House, an intensive residential treatment program for alcohol and substance use disorder in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.


Site Medical Director Dr. Nadia Arif and clinicians at the HRHCare Elsie Owens Health Center in Coram working hard to provide care to our patients throughout this uncertain time.


The NYC Mobile Health Center outside the Skyway Shelter in Queens
“I can’t believe that you’re here. Someone cares about us” – Patient at the Skyway Shelter


Some of our Long Island staff at a Hudson River Health Care drive-through testing center. The center was set up in Huntington to accommodate COVID-19 testing for area residents.


Sharon and Georgina don their PPE while providing ER care in New York City and Long Island


We are continuing to provide vital outreach to those who need our support and services. This effort was specifically to assist farmworker families at partnering farms with pantry staples.



In these times of physical distancing, everyone is craving connection. Kathy Brieger offers a patient a virtual hug to put a smile on his face.



Roberta Kelly give a thumbs up dressed in PPE and ready to care for patients in need of our services



Long Island staff at a Hudson River Health Care drive-through testing center working hard to keep the community safe. The center was set up in Brentwood to accommodate COVID-19 testing for area residents.


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