National Institutes of Health Sends All of Us Research Program Van to Peekskill

Peekskill, NY – On Thursday, August 17, the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) All of Us Research Program van visited Peekskill, parking right outside the HRHCare Jeannette J. Phillips Health Center. Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s Regional Director Susan Spear joined over 120 Peekskill residents who climbed on board to speak with trained All of Us representatives and learn how providing their medical information could change the future of health care. HRHCare Founder and Executive Vice President Rev. Jeannette J. Phillips was among those who enrolled in the program that day.

HRHCare is honored to have been selected by the NIH to be a part of the nationwide All of Us Research Program. This program is seeking one million participants to provide their medical information to help create prevention, treatment, and care plans that accurately reflect the diversity of our nation’s citizens. The HRHCare Jeannette J. Phillips Health Center in Peekskill has been tasked by the NIH to enroll 100 of those participants.

The All of Us van’s trip to Peekskill coincided with other National Health Center Week events that HRHCare hosted throughout its’ service area between August 13 and 19. National Health Center Week is designated by the National Association of Community Health Centers as a time to celebrate America’s community health centers for their incredible work. This year’s National Health Center Week theme was “Celebrating America’s Health Centers: The Key to Healthier Communities.”

About HRHCare

HRHCare Community Health is a nonprofit, New York State licensed, Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Founded more than 40 years ago to provide care to the medically underserved population of Peekskill, NY, HRHCare is now one of the nation’s largest community health providers. From the Capitol Region to the east end of Long Island, the HRHCare network of 28 health centers provides affordable, accessible care to more than 175,000 patients through 500,000 visits annually. The more than 350 primary care practitioners and 700 specialists and support staff have made HRHCare a destination for high-quality and compassionate care for all.

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