Louise Lindenmeyr, MD

   Family Nurse Practitioner

I care for patients at:

Louise Lindenmeyr, FNP is a family nurse practitioner at the HRHCare Amenia Health Center. She received her MS from the Leinhard School of Nursing at Pace University in New York. Prior to joining HRHCare, she served patients at Urban Health Plan in the Bronx, Dutchess Medical Practice in Amenia, and the Mid-Hudson Planned Parenthood in Poughkeepsie. She has also served patients at the HRHCare Hudson and Dover Plains Health Centers. Ms. Lindenmeyr is licensed as a registered professional nurse and family nurse practitioner in the State of New York.

“I love the ‘art’ of practicing medicine and connecting with my patients. I also love to travel, ride my bike, dance, and play music – I have sung in a band for the last 30 years! I also go to Haiti frequently, and was recently awarded several grants to work in cervical cancer screening and treatment there.”

–Louise Lindenmeyr, FNP

Family Medicine

HRHCare family physicians provide excellent, comprehensive primary and preventive care to patients of all ages. Our care team gets to know our patients’ individual health needs, learn about their health history, keeps track of any medications they are taking, and works with them to create a personal care plan.

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